Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Catchin Me a Buzz

It's been a while, yes. But I doubt anybody gives a damn. So I won't waste my time apologizing.

Right now I'm flying on the wings of some Strawberry Cough. If you don't know what that is ask your local weed dealer. I'm also savoring the fifty-some milligrams of pain killers draining down the back of my throat. And, I'm loving this cigarette.

How 'bout some music to compliment the buzz?

Let's start with some Bob Dylan

I figured we'd start with a sort of an anthem. This song is best described by the repetitive chorus, "Everybody must get stoned." Sounds good to me.

Bob Dylan - Everybody Must Get Stoned(Blonde on Blonde)

That's right. We're switching genres. And I'll probably do it again. Its Drake and Weezy. The pair always make magic, and this track doesn't disappoint. The music and the lyrics have an energy that I can't describe, but it feels good.

"I think better when I'm not sober." - Drake

Drake - Ignant Shit ft. Lil' Wayne (So Far Gone)

Johnny's the man. No one can deny that. This song brings us to a different, but just as important theme: women. Not only does Johnny tear it up on the harmonica, but he sings about traveling to the girl he loves. And us gentlemen know that nothing compliments a nice buzz like a fine woman.

Johnny Cash - Orange Blossom Special (Live at Folsom Prison)

Lastly, we have a virtually unknown rapper. I accidentally stumbled upon Wonder Boy when I was searching for local rappers here in New York City. His stuff is different.

Especially his remix of Wayne's "A Milli". We've heard nearly every rapper do their remix of the song, but Wonder Boy is the first I've found to take it from a different angle. Instead of talking about millions of dollars being "A Milli", Wonder Boy talks about "A Milli" in regards to milligrams. Yep, drugs. I know I've got more drugs than money. I feel you.

Wonder Boy - "A Milli" Remix (Bluegrass Mixtape)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Miss Swift

Where did Taylor Swift come from? Maybe I'm oblivious because I stray away from modern country music. But, anyways, she's gorgeous.

I'm in love with her.


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Payton May

I was drinking Wild Turkey 101 and randomly searching videos on YouTube. After my buzz warped into a drunken mess, I stumbled looking for some good ol' cryin music. I didn't find any. But, I did stumble upon this guy, Payton May. I searched Hype Machine, iTunes, and everywhere else, and I can't find recordings of Payton. But, the YouTube videos are pretty dope.

You all like it?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Languid Monday

It's another languid Monday, as I sit on my couch. I've watched the sun fall from the sky and sink under the Hudson River. New York City is bustling, but there is no place for me to go. I sit. That's it. Here's some music.

Iron and Wine - Love and Some Verses (Our Endless Numbered Days)

Iron and Wine - Sodom, South Georgia (Our Endless Numbered Days)

Laura Gibson - All the Pretty Horses
(Six White Horses)

Conor Oberst - Breezy (Gentlemen's Pact EP)

Released solely on an EP that the band sales on tour, "Breezy" is Conor's farewell to a former band mate whom he clearly adored. This is a phenomenal song.

I Feel Breezy

Conor Oberst has done it again.

"Breezy" is a song that was released only on the EP's Conor and the Mystic Valley Band sold on tour. I, myself, haven't had a chance to pick up the EP. I've combed iTunes and other blogs, but I just can't find it. So, I reckon this YouTube video will suffice.

Breezy was in Bright Eyes and apparently died over the past year due to some pharmaceutical complications. Conor sings a haunting, love-filled, farewell to Breezy, who from this bit of poetry sounds like a phenomenal woman.

This video is the recording with Conor's picture displayed the whole time:

This is a live clip, and it's pretty decent quality. I like how the band jumps in at the end:

If anyone figures out where I can buy the EP, please let me know.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

We Party When We Feel Good

The other day I walked quite a few blocks for the hell of it. Fog hovered over the island like a pestering in-law and it seemed like it trapped all the humidity between the earth and the sky. I started sweating a little bit, which is never fun. My shirt started sticking to my back and I just got irratated. And, as though a gift from heaven, a cool mist began falling through the fog. I walked through the water kisses towards home.

Sometimes there are moments that make all this shit bearable. They come few and far between, but they're precious when they happen. I try to hold on to these things to remember them during the less-bearable times. A lot of times rap has a similar feeling. Let's party together.

Rihanna and T.I. team up to create a pretty sweet song. You can drink, smoke, and dance to it. What else is needed?

T.I. - Life Your Life (ft. Rihanna)

Lil Wayne has been dropped and Justin Timberlake picked up on the official remix of "Can't Believe It'. I'm realling digging this.

T-Pain - Can't Believe It (Official Remix with Justin Timberlake)

Lastly I've got a track with Justin Timberlake and T. I. Here we depart from the 'how good is life' topic and it gets a littler darker, but I really like the song. Enjoy it.

T. I. - Dead and Gone (Ft. Justin Timberlake)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


From the first time I heard Bright Eyes' chilly ballad "Lua" I've been a fan. It seems that the song has become a part of my past memories and sparks nostalgia on spot. Not only is it a beautiful song, but it holds strong as a memory in the swarm of thoughts clouding my brain.

I ran across a pretty nice video on YouTube of Conor performing this song live with the Mystic Valley Band. Check it out:

You can also download a copy of the song. It's from the album "I'm Wide Awake It's Morning". The album is available on iTunes.

Bright Eyes - Lua